People of Ontario Revolting (non-violently, please)



We have only just begun to return Ontario to respectable place to live and work... we need your help


This is us

This is them


Here is what we need ... your help

We are not associated with any political party, politician, foreign-based underground cult, skin-headed, or far left/right group. We are not the kkk, communist or stalinist party, red-neck splinter group of survivalists, or, for that matter .... none of any group you have ever heard of. I am simply a citizen activist starting out to make change happen.

This is your group, your people, all fighting for the common good of affordable living in a safe society.

The bleeding must stop. Over-paid Government workers must be eliminated. High hydro costs must be controlled. Gas pump prices can't change 10% in a few minutes. All this, and more. Will. Be. Done.

Sample Idea

The purpose of this site is to gather information, ideas, suggestions and all manner of things (i.e. reducing the cost of living for our residents). And then moving on from there to enact these ideas, putting pressure on Governments to get to work making changes.

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Remember, this is a non-violent movement, but one with enough clout to be noticed, and irritating! We may organize rallies, suggest days to do things (or not do things), lobby or promote. Lets see where we can go from here ... but we need you!

We only ask for as much information as necessary to show this as a true petition, movement and direction.


Starting out with just a catchy name is one thing .... continuing it on into a mainstream movement that has to be listened to is another thing.

It takes many voices, many different thoughts, and diversified action plans to make change.

We believe this is it! When we all work together.

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T-shirts coming, In red only, to show our debt, with green text to show our hope of climbing out of this mess, and positioned near the neck,well, because "we are up to our necks" with these issues.

Most profits from the shirts will be used to further our cause.

They are not available in childrens sizes, for children should not be protesting! We protest FOR them.

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Some of our friends trying to accomplish the same thing as us:

I have tweeted Kathleen Wynne on several occasions and sent personal emails. To date, I have recieved no replies or acknowledgements. Here are a few of them, in plain text so as not to confuse web search engines:

Ms. Wynnes bulletin of 25% lower hydro rates: "Yep, help my family now, but screw the next generation. The problem needs REVOLUTIONARY, DRASTIC change NOW, not a band aid."

"We need more details (on the 25% reduction). What portions of the bill are being reduced, and why wait till summer?"

you won't believe this:

special exemption for photographs on gun licenses in Canada: